President Davoren goes to Ohio to campaign for term limits

August 11, 2021

President Davoren today went to Ohio to campaign for term limits on congress, telling supporters at the event that “if we don’t have term limits, we will have no oversight on our elected officials ever again”. The President has been calling on Congress to pass term limits since only taking office ten weeks ago, saying that “for too long our politicians have been using their power for personal and political gain, only to help themselves instead of helping their voters, and it has to stop now!” Congress has been divided on this issue for weeks, Democrats and critics of the President say that enacting term limits would take power away from voters, citing that “establishing congressional term limits would severely cut the choices of voters. A fundamental principle in this system of government we have is that voters get to choose their representatives. If voters are restricted from picking a candidate because they are barred from being on the ballot is an insult to democracy”. But the President says that enacting term limits will not suppress the votes of the Americans, but will instead give voters more choices at the ballot box. The President says that “America is facing an epidemic of lopsided elections dominated by incumbents”. And that term limits will break up that monopoly by ending incumbent advantages and allow for new people to run for office giving the voters more choices instead of the same incumbent election after election. He also says that term limits will provide more people with real-world experience from all walks of life an opportunity to serve in elected office. “We need more teachers, doctors, small business owners, farmers in Congress to better represent the nation and provide a real-world and real-work experience,” the President said. And saying that term limits will provide representatives who are closer to their constituents and will help to reduce corruption, while also saying that term limits for Congress will help restore political courage.

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