Thesis Orleans And Jay Baker Expected To Star In The Book Adaptation Of “A Fragile Love” And Here’s What The Media Has To Think About That

October 2, 2021

On January 8, 2020 it was announced of the two main leads for the book adaption of, “A Fragile Love.” A best selling book that’s grabbed the hearts of many. The story follows a girl named Sage Green and Trey Eastwood. They are both occupied with a rare disability, Sage with the brittle bones disease and Trey with the disability of not feeling pain. It follows on them meeting at the hospital after Sage believes she broke a bone and Trey getting a weekly checkup to make sure nothing internal is going on. From then on, they bond on the fact that their life is different and in other words, fragile and how they wanted to be more than that. It’s an phenomenal story that has an heart wrenching ending and many are wondering if Thesis and Jay can bring these characters to light in the right way.

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