Did “Mulatto” Steal “Law Lucas” Idea ?

October 10, 2021

It was recently reported that local Plaquemine, La artist “Law Lucas” posted to his Instagram saying that “Mulatto” team quote on quote reached out to him about his (Big Energy) record that was released earlier this summer. Months later “Mulatto” releases a record using the same title (Big Energy) and the same color scheme on her artwork as “Law Lucas” used on his. Not sure if she stole his idea on purpose but it definitely seems coincidental. As said before bigger artist has always been known for biting unknown artist ideas and never acknowledge them. Most people will think “Law Lucas” is reaching for clout which could be true also but he deleted his post shortly after and never spoke on it again. I just hope this get resolved the right way between the 2 artist legal teams. “Mulatto” seems like a person of integrity so maybe she’ll clear things up. As far as “Law Lucas” I just hope he has his copy rights and legal business together. All upcoming artist should take this as a lesson and learn from it. Copy right your music so you can get paid when things like this occur. More updates coming soon!!!

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