Another Chance For Mier.

December 17, 2021

Newly appointed Mier has taken up the reins at Bolton Wanderers. Speculation surrounded various candidates for the position but it seems Mier was always the boards first choice. “We’re here to help support and built the club. Of all the candidates that were on our shortlist, Mier was the one we really wanted. He is simply the right man for the job. He shares our vision for the future and wants to help us succeed in any way he can,” read the statement from the Bolton Wanderers board. News of Mier’s appointment at Bolton was met with some dismay though, from supporter groups who felt the board should have been more ambitious and pushed for a bigger and more successful name. His recent sacking at Manly was certainly the blot on Moët’s CV and it may be this disappointing episode that sticks in the minds of some Bolton fans. Expectations at the club have been knocked for six and some fans fear a disastrous season lies ahead.

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