February 10, 2022

Just minutes ago #KIELDUCE48 season 2 came to an end and the public is shocked. Participants who made the final line up in season 1 and weren't able to debut also lost their opportunity to make their dreams come true this time. Former axiis members were devastated and didn’t wait long to claim that the producer who’s also the CEO of MKIXX rigged the show. @sheokitz quickly denied said rumours and MKIXX’s manager @/TSUKlSE jumped to defend her boss. “I joined season 1 and 2 of #KIELDUCE48 and feigned to be a trainee myself. Without any doubt, @sheokitz has never manipulated votes or evil edited anyone.. I can’t say the same for some of the contestants though especially ex axiis members. There has been manipulation indicated by a lot of trainees especially those who weren’t able to make the final line up last season. They’re just jealous”. -Lisa/@TSUKISE Knetz reactions [+687;-34] I agree with the pd nim and manager. Nobody wanted to see axiis debut last time and now they’re mad nobody voted for them… [+362; -15] LOL.. I even heard that most of the ex axiis members bullied @sheokitz into changing the group name, concept etc… definitely not idol material [+155; -27] I loved the concept of the show especially the 1v1! Great Job! MKIZZ FIGHTING [+39; -1] axiis more like midxiis

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