Amina of Zaria led men to war and became victorious, our women can also be on the forefronts of decision making. Nothing has changed, a boardroom of equal number of men and women equals victory

March 17, 2022

Queen Amina of Zaria is a popular story told in every school. Amina Sarauniya Zazzau, the warrior queen of Zazzau now called Zaria, Kaduna State in Nigeria ruled for approximately 34 years and was the twenty-forth habe (name referred to rulers of Zazzau) as history have it. She was the eldest amongst three and was only but 16 years old when she occupied herself in honing her battle skills and undergoing training from the soldiers of Zazzau military, incredible right? Moving on, in her 34 years of reign history recorded it was 34 years of ruling filled with military aggressions, 34 whooping whole years of instability, combats and wars due to course she needed ensure safe passage of her people of Zaria(formerly Zazzau) and other Hausa traders throughout the Saharan region. We all know she came out far more victorious, as its been recorded that she was so victorious to the extent that she didn’t just dominate most regions known now as the Hausa land northern Nigeria now and parts comprising the middle belt of Nigeria. But also went as far as dominating associated trade route in the northern part connecting with western Sudan with Egypt on the east and Mali on the north. Amina is not just remembered as being a warrior queen alone but also: 1. She expanded her kingdom through battles, showing she had enthusiasm and zeal to achieve what she desired. 2. She opened up trade routes, which initiated the cultivation of Kola nuts, this showing she was a top business strategist, manager and director. 3. She was the first to introduce the administration popularly known as the Hausa society today and it was due to the historical facts of her unique gift of leadership. A historical picture commonly shows Amina of Zaria on a horse in front leading a troop of male soldier on horses also to war. She, a woman was on the front line to war, unshaken, courageous and might to war. Amina never had formal education or academic qualification but she led men to war victorious. Amina of Zaria truly represents the strength of womanhood Today in our society, women have showed exceeding qualities to rule, lead and become part of the 50:50 ratio boardroom in Nigeria 1. Academic qualifications? Check! Up to PhD level? Check! 2. Resilience and strong will? Check! 3. Technical know and trainings? Check! 4. Years of expertise? Check! 5. Transformational leadership skills? Emotional intelligence and interpersonal skill? Check! In 2014, an evident report by Caliper showed that women leaders demonstrated a transformational style of leadership. They were seen intellectually stimulating, encouraging workers to take ownership of the company goals, seeking their opinions and provided inspirational motivation. In 2019, Sylla Mamadou carried out a research on women leadership an d it resulted to women having one of the leading skills because they apply facto management instead of management of law 6. Multi-tasking? Check!!! Women have shown the distinguished supernatural ability to be both a worker and a mother. Yes! Being a mother is also a full time job. What more can we say we need from our women before we let them have an equal space in the boardroom of most Nigeria companies? What more are they lacking that top managerial positions cannot be placed on them well deserved. Our present Amina of Zaria are not getting the accolades and positions deserved even proving over qualified for the job. What is the fear? Why the restrictions? We still have women like our distinguished honorable Mrs. Ibukun Awosika in every sector and firm of Nigeria, women who have worked tirelessly for this, women who deserves the spot, women who deserve a 50:50 ratio of men and women in the boardroom.

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