April 27, 2022

We all know when it comes to being a successful entrepreneur, not many people will stand out quite as much as Jay Ferrero. He’s definitely a huge example of a self-made entrepreneur who got to where he’s at through a jagged pursuit. As the founder of The Plugg Media, and several other businesses, he has a huge amount of dedicated followers who always rely on his advice. Not only is his success inspirational on its own, but he dedicates a lot of his time to guiding people and coaching them to help them on their journey and passion. These are 5 success tips that Jay gives you for a positive mindset and achieving: 1.) Consistency- constantly working on your goals and never getting sidetracked. This is where he brings out the “All gas no brakes” quote. Keep going don’t stop! 2.) Friends - Surrounding yourself with positive, supportive friends. Getting rid of any toxic people around you including family. This plays a big role in your life because these are people that are always around you. Just because they are family does not mean you need to keep them around. 3.) Mentorship- Always have a mentor to help guide you. Make sure this mentor is someone who has already achieved things in that type of niche or career. This is important for traveling the road you’re going through. 4.) Travel- Experiencing new places or even moving to a new scenery. This will help you grow and evolve. Staying stuck in the same city you grew up in, most likely won’t hell you level up. 5.) Try new things and educate yourself- Always study new things or try out something different. Sometimes we end up finding our purpose just by trying something new out. Many people will pay through college and end up hating that career. So they end up in debt and get stuck. Always use your skills and talents. You have them for a reason. Use them!

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