Grayy Acre Is Making Noise In The Music Industry! And We’re Talking Big Noise!

June 7, 2022

She goes by Italian Bellock, a music artist who’s known by a staged name of Grayy Acee from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is a singer, songwriter, and a producer. In the early childhood years of Grayy Acee, she started singing in the church choir. She eventually played drums and then she felt the need to do something more towards her singing talents. She dropped her first official single called "Navi So Dope" on youtube when she was 15 years old in honor of one of her favorite famous singer Rihanna. She had then released another song named "Karrueche Like Ketchup" that went super viral in her high school. She felt that those two songs weren't enough to show her talent and growth in her passion for music. She then started to produce beats that she uses in her own current E.P. named "Love. Heartbreak. Repeat." which is out right now! It currently is available on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, and Youtube. We recommend that you stay tuned for more outstanding music from the talented Grayy Acee! Follow her on social media platforms with the username of "grayyacee" on Instagram & Twitter!

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