September 7, 2022

Horse Meat Or Shrimp This Is The Question Of The Day. We “sea Food” as A Way To Find Happiness But This Seafood Restaurant Seems To Be The Total Opposite. Sara Js Seafood In Garden City, SC Has Decent Food But At What Cost. For A Shrimp Platter You Pay Upwards Of $30 But Do You Know What You’re Buying? For A Lot Of Locals It wasn’t Surprising To Hear Sara Js Seafood Is Selling Unauthorized Meat As A Shrimp Replacement. We Spoke With Loyal Customers And They Had This To Say “ Sara Js Has Always Been Good But This Came As A Shock To Us, We Knew Something Was Up But Didn’t Know It Would Be This Significant”, Said Taylor Robbins. We Did A Deep Dive Into The Scandal And Here What The Manager Had To Say “ Yeah Those Tourist Will Buy Anything. Horse, Dog, Hell It Could Be Human And We Would Still Make Money Off Of Them. Some People Call It Crazy But That’s Because They Don’t Make The Money I️ Make.” Says Chase Adams Manager Of Sara Js. Us At Breaking News Have No Opinion Of This Scandal Being An Unbiased News Source But Agree This Is Absolutely Disgusting - Steven Hendler BLOGGER

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