Samsung to Change the Industry with 32” HD Smartphone.

September 9, 2022

Innovators marvel at the recent unveiling of the Galaxy Z FoldMax at the 2022 Chicago Technological and Science Trade Show late August. The trade show presided at the renowned McCormick Place Event Center with patrons and investors both focused on the main event. Touting a 10” x 6” display and a mere 2 1/4” thickness. The new Samsung Galaxy Z FoldMax literally “stole the show” when the 10x6 morphed into a full display 32” monitor with 5g UHD capability via a flick of the wrist. At 2 1/4” and a weight of slightly less than 3 US lbs onlookers were left not only speechless but reaching for their wallets. Darrin Warski of Nanatuck, Wisconsin said, “ I’d be first in line, bud. This one crosses the line. You come to the board room and flash this. Deals done, am I right?” Not only were spectators impressed but foreign investors seemed to want in on the Fold. Zealous entrepreneur and Japanese mogul Togi Toyama stated, “ I have interest, I have capital, with the right contract we have reality. Easy as that, bigger is better.” Samsung having a impressive prototype and what they call an “ inexhaustible amount of funds” said it was “ fun to present our capability, but ultimately it comes down to what the consumer demands.” So cross your fingers and project profit, or this gem may become a rhinestone in history.

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