Frank Head Is The Name! Singing And Rapping Caused Him His Fame!

September 19, 2022

He goes by the name “Frank Head” formerly known as K.D. He was Born in Georgia, and His first venture into the world of the music industry came on his 5th Christmas when his mom and dad purchased a toy piano ( he never actually learned to play that thing, but pressed the hell out of those keys). Frank Always admired the music world and written expression. Once he had learned how to read and write, he started keeping a journal in handy. His journal entries later evolved into poetry( and he actually has some of them Published), and then in high school, he started creating songs. He then joined a group with hus cousin and close family friend and performed under the group name of B.I.O. ( Bust It Open) “Don’t judge him, they were just teenagers” lol. After that, he went on a hiatus for a number of years never really pursing his music, until recently; nearly (20) years after leaving the group. He always rapped, but didn’t start singing until October of 2021. Here’s on Crazy story for you guys, He just recently woke up one morning able to sing. Yes! True facts! He had been through so Much pain and he remembers just praying and asking God To just be with him and see him through. He Jump in the shower and what came out of his mouth shocked him. He knew what he had and it was a gift from God, and every note he sang, brought Him glory. He sings with passion, He spits bars with intensity. “I am me, and I can’t wait to see where this goes. Even if it’s right where I am; I will make my songs with the same fervor as if I were performing at the L.A. Coliseum.

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