LaBradford McGrady Contemplating Retirement?!?!?

October 20, 2022

LaBradford is having an outstanding rookie season is considering retiring from basketball forever. His personal life is finally catching up with him. Despite averaging 41 Points 12 Rebounds 17 Assist 11 Blocks 8 Steals per career average. He has a tough home life. His wife left him and took everything he owns. “He’s trying to get more rings than me and I took that personal” Jennifer Lopez-McGrady States. “Being only 19 with a 16 year old son is tough, having to share diapers with my own son until I was 15 about made me quit basketball forever in high school” LaBucket says. Will this be the end of something that never really got going? After his home game loss in bostlanta he shot 3/12 from 3 He is in the worst shooting slump in his early career, and it’s getting the best of him. Can he put all the personal things in his life to the side? Will we see LaBradford in a Hawktics uniform again? “Something is really going on his headspace right now and it’s affecting the whole team top to bottom.” head coach/point guard Arty Hernandez states to the Bostlanta Journal. The only way we can get answers is with time. Let’s all hope he gets it together to finish his Hall Of Fame level career.

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