Lucky Leprechaun Is Taking Over The Music Industry!

November 13, 2022

Lucky Leprechaun is one of the hottest new artist on the rap scene. Coming from a undisclosed location, he doesn't consider himself a rapper though. Lucky Leprechaun is simply "A Gangster Poet." Making real life music that you can get a message from. His real life style tells the tale of a former street hustler, who transitioned from the streets to a legit business man. Lucky Leprechaun now makes a living from day trading, crypto exchange, apparel, real estate, music, and transportation & logistics... Lucky Leprechaun is a real hustler. Using the same street savvy hustler mentality that he developed from the streets, to now conquer every legal venture. Allot of people want to know the story about the mask. In a world filled with jealousy, envy, and hate it's hard to be a successful black man. You have to value your life and understand the threats that are present everyday. Wearing a mask helps Lucky Leprechaun move strategically and accordingly. His favorite shoe is Dior. Lucky Leprechaun is his favorite Drip. Pluto got a nice taste but pak fifth is his fave. Lucky Leprechaun is a brand and is quickly becoming a household name. With music streaming on platforms all around the world. If you're a fan of real music you'll love Lucky Leprechaun. He currently resides wherever there's a pot of Gold.

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