Mario Prieto & Celta Union Part Ways.

November 15, 2022

Outrage had occurred before the Round of 16 clash between Celta & Mallorca, with Mario Prieto expressing his anger towards Celta’s coaching staff. Prieto was again not named within the Starting XI for Celta, which had many fans questioning his future at the club. In a recent interview, Prieto expressed that he is unhappy with his playtime at the club. “I just want more minutes. I feel I have worked hard enough but am not receiving the reward for the effort I put in,” said Prieto. Conversations were made regarding the future of Prieto, which had come down to both parties mutually parting ways. The club released this statement on Monday - “The club understands the importance of our playing group, coaching staff and everyone involved with the club,” started CEO Petr Saje. “The club does not condone this behaviour, and we believe that everyone at our club is treated equally. We wish Mario and his family all the best for the future.”

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