Young Pope Is Buzzing All Over The world!

January 22, 2023

Growing up in a small town in Houston, TX Young pope fell in love with music specifically Hip hop and Reggaeton. These two genres will later consume his life and motivated him to create his own music. Fast forward to 2023 Young pope has now worked with various Multi platinum producers from all over the world and has a world wide fan base. His Unique image and Catchy Hooks in both English and Spanish have caught the attention of people around the world. Young pope has a Reggaeton album by the name “Amen” and the latest singles “DMLQTQ” and “Tocar a Ti”are massive hits. Young pope believes he was chosen and was born to make music. His social media keeps growing rapidly and won’t stop until he reaches the top 1%. Follow young pope’s social medias Instagram @ realyoungpope Twitter @ IYoungPope

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