CA Plug Acquires Support Of Armenian King Pin To Launch Start-Up Cannabis Brand T.R.A.P.

January 27, 2023

“@verifiedtrappers otherwise known as T.R.A.P. or Take Risks and Prosper is on its way to becoming the next LA Cannabis Powerhouse,” cannabis journalist, Michael Teller, told reporters. On December 16th of 2022 @mrcaplug and Amenian Kingpin otherwise known as “Roblato”, were spotted dining at MainRo in Hollywood, CA. Reports reveal that this meeting was a celebration between both parties entering into a partnership which provides @mrcaplug and his new cannabis start-up brand @verifiedtrappers with the support of the Armenian Mob. Although it is not quite clear what involvement the mob will have in the brand, we do know that they are a billion dollar organization that has heavily dominated traditional cannabis cultivation in Los Angeles for the past 2 decades. It is believed that this partnership opens the door for the Armenian mob to enter into the compliant market here in California. As for what could @mrcaplug possibly gain by this partnership? How about access to a billion dollar cultivation network with international ties across the world. Only time will tell as developments come to light, but we do know that @verifiedtrappers has opened a 30,000sqft. Type 11 distribution facility in downtown Los Angeles as of January 2nd. How do you expect this to effect the price of legal cannabis products with traditional king pins entering the compliant market?

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