K Samson Is Buzzing Everywhere! And We’re Talking Major!

March 10, 2023

K SAMSON is a versatile 27 year old Hip-Hop artist out of Port Huron, Michigan. Currently living in Houston and grinding to make a name for himself and a HUGE splash in the industry. Projects like “The Get Back” volumes 1&2 let rappers know not only is he lyrically untouchable; but also no one relates real life and music better than he. “New 3 Stacks mixed with Pac” New single ‘Break Sh*t Down’ is worth more than a listen. The hip-hopper with a pen that competes with the best also seems to have a huge R&B influence in his music that’s seen through lyricism. SAMSON is bound to be the hottest artist out this summer and for years to come.

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