Bully, Egotistical, Toxicity: The Fall of Anton Kurbanov

March 15, 2023

With the news of Joel being sent back to Zyntech Ferda, we want to take a dive into the career of Anton Kurbanov. In the matter of months he went from someone who was revered for his holding midfield play and now he doesn’t even see first team action. We all know about Anton’s rough exterior. He’s a player that no teammate has come out and supported. He is at times egotistical and creates a harsh locker room vibe. While the talent was there the dedication to being involved in a whole team was not. He was given a second chance at up and coming sensation Dig Time Rush and once again failed to make himself feel welcome amongst his fellow teammates. When the team wanted one thing, he would put his foot down and demand another thing. Catching up with star right back Calvin Jensen, here is what he had to say about his former teammate, Anton: “The guys got all the talent in the world, he has a gift that only few seem to be able to possess. Alas, it’s his ego and his my way or the highway approach to the game that makes it very difficult to be able to thrive next to him. He scared me, he scared us. He’s turned down a dark road of greed and a power hungry, me first attitude. I hope he realizes his mistakes and gets back to playing the football we all wish to see of him.” It’s hard to watch a man fall from the top of the world to now playing with the leftovers at Zyntech Ferda. Anton did this to himself and I’m sure one day he will look back on his act this season and be disgusted with himself and his actions. That being said I can speak for everyone when I say we wish Anton comes back as the player he once was, before the fame.

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