Turkey-Bag-Baby Is Taking Over The Music Industry!

March 17, 2023

Hey im Turkey_BaG_Baby im an aspiring rap artist out of Indianapolis. Mostly it was me & my lil bro dad left mom was a waitress, so wede have barely anything growing up. With her waitressing we had very little supervision around. And safe to say that lead to a life of drugs violence and gangs. We had to grow up quick an it made for great lyrics to be sung. I rap about actual things I went threw nothin fictitious. I offer organic hip hop, someone fans can stand behind with pride. I also have grown alot in my recent years. I can now also use my voice to keep kids out of the streets n guide them through righteousness. You never know what young man or woman Is goin threw similar struggles I had n actually reach ppl with positivity and enlightenment. I can't wait to share my talent with you guys. Growing up woven in the streets hip hop becomes a major part of your life no matter what. Having said that this life can leave you with allot of pain and love to share with fans and build a genuine relationship that could help ppl survive different situations as well as avoiding incarceration. And at the the end the day we also just wana express our selves n have some fun along. Please join me as we try to change the music industry. Thanks you all and bless all my fans, you guys are family for life.

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