Knicks Lay The Pipe On 76ers To Take 1-0 Series Lead

May 3, 2023

The Philadelphia 76ers were mentally unprepared to handle a Knicks team who has high expectations this season. The Knicks came out hot and never let up rolling the sixers 194-103. Jalen “I got the bag” Brunson lead all scorers with 46 points. The Knicks defense showed why the were one of the leagues best holding the sixers to 2-30 from 3 point land. After the game our very own Overtime Megan met up with Jericho Sims to discuss his efforts in a 30 point 21 rebound performance. Sims said “y’all call embiid your defensive player of the year this mofo to little for me” game 2 will be played tonight on TNT. #Knicksin2

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