Nonchalant Ron Is Becoming Legendary!

May 11, 2023

Hey everyone it’s your boy RonRon hope everyone having a bless day just a lil update on me I got my second art work done for my second song I’m so excited to get this made and out to y’all even more excited then the first song again thanks for a the love and support y’all continue to show me just know it really helps me and motivate me to keep going and make these songs for that I’ll know y’all will like and vibe to just remember you really can and do whatever you want and stay positive and just keep spreading love around. With that being said two things to look for in me on my up coming song is detail in the the art work and how it resembles me and really the inner me and last the song itself and the emotional connection behind it listening to juice WRLD and nba young boy growing up I guess you can say I got the best of both worlds to use as role models in make my music well that’s about it once again everyone have a bless one

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