Senator Jerome Freeman Set To Ban The Ownership Of All Firearms In The State Of Georgia

May 15, 2023

Report: Senator Jerome Freeman is set to ban the ownership of all firearms in the state of Georgia. When asked why he plans to do this, Senator Freeman stated “Them guns is killing folks.” This comes as a surprise to many Georgians due to how many firearms are bought and sold within the state. Senator Freeman also announced his bold new plan to reduce the welfare rolls. Senator Freeman stated “All white persons making $65,000 or more will be taxed at a flat rate of $2,000 per person per year. This money will go straight towards government paid abortions, food stamps, and SSI.” Part of the new legislation will result in the government going door to door demanding the people of Georgia give up their firearms. When asked what happens if someone refuses to give up their firearms, Senator Freeman stated “If a citizen refuses to give up their firearms, we will be forced to arrest them. We all know that those wacist white folk own the majority of them guns.” That’s not all, Senator Freeman also plans on introducing a new law stating anyone who marries an African American will get a $10,000 tax credit. If you marry a Caucasian you will be forced to pay $15,000 extra in taxes per year.

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