King Mar Is Taking Over The Music Industry!

May 17, 2023

King Mar is a solo music artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, taking a wide range of influences from the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Kid Laroi, Kid Cudi and Post Malone. However, King Mar’s music is unique with a pleasuring sound for listeners. Praised for his lyricism and abundance of unique flows, King Mar provides high quality storytelling, creative punchlines, and over-the-head bars for his audience to enjoy. He has featured in a variety of blogs and websites including Roadie Music, Deathordesire, Last Day Deaf, Rag Talent, Music On The Rox and Setlistmx. King released 3 EPs in the span of 1 year. His first project “King’s Collection EP” tallied over 40k streams in a few months. King's 2nd project "Crown Me EP" has tallied over 25k streams in less than a month. His most recent project “King’s Odyssey EP is King’s most well received and listened to project. King Mar’s growing social media presence and music statistics are not to be ignored. In due time, the entire world will know who King Mar is.

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