Health Secretary Announces RVHS Cuts

May 18, 2023

The Health Secretary has announced cuts to RVHS budget in July. The Health Secretary has said due to capactity being higher all year round, it will be reducing its budget by 20%, as well as closing 3 medical clinics. The current average wait in A&E is 10 minutes, with current available beds are at 2,000, with them expected to drop by 300, to 1,700. The current demand averages around 100 all year round. It is said this will close the current black hole in the economy by around £31,000. With the budget cuts, nurses minimum wage will drop from £11.84hr (£20,545yr) to £9.98hr (£17,245yr) a 16.6% decrease. Doctors will face their minimum wage being dropped from £18.24hr (£31,518yr) to £13.74hr (£23,742yr), a 24.67% decrease. This will see healthcare workers cost of living sky rocket to at least 40%. However, plans are underway to weaken the currency to around $1.00 to increase trades, as traders will want to trade with economies who have low dollar exchange rates, making things cheaper in Rockvalley. This can see a 4% decrease in base tax rate, reducing councils to a maximum of 7% tax rate.

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