Senator Freeman To Pass New Legislation Letting Government Agents Track Phones With New Chip Technology

May 22, 2023

Breaking: Senator Jerome Freeman has announced new legislation starting January 1st, 2024. This new law will allow all members of the government to access any and all information on the cellphones of any Georgia citizen regardless of their background. Senator Freeman stated “With all these folk buying guns left and right, we need to track every search, text, and phone call on every citizen to make sure they aren’t planning to use them nasty weapons for violence. I can’t stress it enough, these guns is killing folks.” With the new satellite phones members of the government have been issued, it won’t be difficult to tap in to citizen’s cellphones. Senator Freeman is also currently working on legislation that will allow the FBI to search any house of any resident that has bought more than one gun within the last year. In a recent speech, President Joe Biden praised Senator Jerome Freeman for his recent breakthroughs in our Democracy.

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