INDERF Date Announced

May 26, 2023

The local MP, Shaun announced that rhe INDEREF will occur no later than November, 2028, meaning the city would be independent by January 2029. It comes after the UK government has stated for a city to become independent, it must have at least 10,000 residents and a cathedral under “City Requirement Law Act 1876”. However, Riki Sunak has stated, “Theo’s piece of legislation is outdated, when the population of the UK was lower. We are looking to up the requirements of the resident number, from 10,000 to 100,000”. However, this won’t be able to pass parliment until 2032. If the local MP Shaun can push to 10,000 new residents before then, it is likely the city will become independent. The support for city-independence has skyrocketed to above 70%. In the past 12 hours, Southampton, Cardiff and even London has all announced new efforts to gain city-independence. The reasoning behind this is after Jersey, channel islands, which is smaller than the average city, as well as having no debt has became publicly realised. Jersey’s cost-of-living is around 1% higher than the UK, though wages are of double than the UK. Average wage in the UK is around £22,000, and in Jersey it is around £48,000. Living conditions are also better. It is hoped the city will become independent.

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