This Artist Is Becoming Legendary Worldwide!

June 28, 2023

What's good? I'm Isaiah Sebastian Williams, but my stage name is ChirusDaSeraph (Kai•Rus The Ser•Raf). If you were to ask me, I'd consider myself as a multi-dimensional artist striving to become an architect. I was born in Kenner, Louisiana on February 8th 1999; but I moved around a lot between LaPlace and New Orleans growing up. I started my musical journey at the age of 8 being a part of "Master's Touch Drumline," and ever since I've been experimenting with a multitude of different instruments. I started writing poetry around the same time I started drumming, but I began songwriting in January of 2021. My musical influences fit in a wide spectrum of genres like Rock, Metal, R&B, Boom Bap, J-Rock, Jazz, and so much more. The Artists that inspired me to participate in crafting music were Capital Steez (Rest In Power), Jacob Lee, and Vulfpeck (Music Group). I simply wish to display my gifts from our creator; and as I bless the world with fresh tunes, I may get blessed back for what I do

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