He’s Blowing Up Worldwide All Throughout The Music Industry!

September 15, 2023

Jyme has been producing, writing lyrics, providing vocals, and djing for 15 years. He grew up in St Louis learning the drums since he was 6 years old. His musical experience has given him the passion to go after his musical dreams. Hailed as the "Dark King of EDM," Jyme has been bringing his new unique genre called Vital House to Austin Underground since 2017. His captivating, glossy, and seductive bass lines blend a fusion of deep house, tech house, and hip hop into a fun and spontaneous adventure. Jyme takes his inspirations from numerous artists like Ludacris, Riton, Pharell Williams, and EDX to name a few. He loves to have fun with his music and explore multiple techniques to provide the listener with a unique sound. Ultimately, he has one goal with his music. He wants to make you smile! He believes that the key to happiness is laughter and the best way to accomplish this is with music. This has been proven with Jyme's top hits Banana Fondue, Hugs & Wine, and Cookies. He is ready to show the world the realm of Vital House and he promises that you will enjoy the ride. And even if you do not, he guarantees that you will at least have a smile on your face.

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