LA Rams New And Improved

October 9, 2023

The Rams are looking forward to the season after having a tremendous off-season adding a lot of new faces. Headlining their free agency class they added QB Dak Prescott WR Donovan People-Jones FS Ashtyn Davis and SS Brandon Jones. The fun doesn’t end their because the rams also had a abundance of picks in last nights draft. Where they had made 10 selections whom HC Brad Pond said majority of them are going to be instant starters for the team. Round 1 (3) Willis Howell DT (20) Bobby Boucher LOLB (32) CB Denzel Burke CB Round 2 (3) James Tomsich TE (22) Bryce James CB were the top picks that the rams targeted all of which will be for sure starters for the rams.

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