He’s Blowing Up Worldwide All Throughout The Music Industry!

October 17, 2023

Bad Karma, a fitting name for one as he, is an artist defined by loss and anger. At the age of seventeen, he was abandoned by his “family”, which resulted in him being thrown headfirst into his lost passion: music. He brings an aggressive, yet intellectual sound to the hip-hop scene in the form of fast-paced songs riddled with metaphors, as well as relaxing, soothing melody that describes his pain. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, life was always hectic for Karma, who lost friends and family as a result of fentanyl outbursts and violence. The things he endured would mold the artist he became, and would shape the way he crafted his lyrics and flows. Sadistic and angry in nature, each song seems to possess more energy and rage than the last. On December 27th, 2022, Karma would release a project titled “Devil’s Child”, which garnished a mere ten thousand total streams. Dissatisfied with the quality and audience consumption, he would take it off streaming platforms and get back to work. Honing his sound for the greater portion of 2023, Karma has plans to take over the underground scene by the end of 2024. The dark undertones and hidden messages in his songs have been known to pique curiosity in those who do listen, and it has helped him secure a spot in some fans’ hearts. Now, all he needs is one final push to make the leap from a nobody, to someone who can reach the nation with his message.

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