He’s Blowing Up!

October 18, 2023

MakGoSpazz! real name is Rico Moorehead MakGoSpazz! was born on may 7th 2004 he was born at granite city gateway hospital he’s currently 19 years old makgospazz! been rapping since he was 11 years old his cousin keithan branch aka ktrappa got him into music with his first ever professional well put together song “rushing” after that makgospazz! fell in love with making music every since as he went through middle school he struggled a lot but he never gave up on his his rap dreams MakGoSpazz! Did YouTube to but he wasn’t really passioned about it like he was for music even though he went viral reaching 150k views on one of his videos and that gave MakGoSpazz! Hope to reach that many views on a song but as MakGoSpazz! got a lil older he had dudes that were bothering him and he start indulging in beef and MakGoSpazz! Went To Jail For Mob Action In A Fast Food Restaurant And Was Supposed To Sit For 6 Months But made bail and after that he started putting his focus into music even more and as he dropped “Rockstar Heights” he started to received positive feedback reaching 2k+ views in a week with following it up with Elevatin with 1k+ views which led MakGoSpazz! To get his first interview by “gold island music” and MakGoSpazz! Got plenty more goals to accomplish with completing his first project “5 BABY”

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