Upcoming All-Around Entertainer/Entrepreneur, Launches His First pair Of Sneakers,“Dehustla2k23’s”.

October 25, 2023

Hey there, I recently made an unique shoe design named DeHustla2k23’s. They seem to totally be in style & I desired to recommend them to you all. It’s a unique and limited-edition style, they will get to production stage if we reach seven pre-orders. If you want to be involved in helping reaching the goal, it would be awesome! Once the goal is reached, they will be custom made in Italy and shipped in 15 to 20 business days. “On The Tuesday Afternoon Of October 24, 2023, An All Around Entertainer Known As DeShannon “DeHustla” Johnson, Launched His First Pair Of Fashion Designer Runner’s “Dehustla2k23’s”. This Is DeShannon’s First Merchandise Ever Launched: “ This Is Only The BeGinninG Of My Success Story & With These Sneakers Of Mines I Plan To Leave A LeGacy, & Inspire All Those Who Strongly Believe In Following Their Dreams By Any Means, Never Give Up!” On The Tongue Of The Shoe DeShannon’s Stage Name “Dehustla” Is Inscribed On It Along With “2k23” Depicting The Year The Sneakers Was Originated. On The Rear Side Of The Tongue DeShannon’s Independent Record Label’s Logo “HustleForMinesENT” Is Inscribed On It. The Sneaker’s Logo, Also Known & Seen As An High Voltage Lighting Bolt Depicts ,Vigorous, Truth, Divinity ,Strength & Power (I’m The Form Of A Bolt). It Is Also Inspired By The Protector & Ruler Of ManKind, Zeus! The King Of Gods!” (Interested?Contact Me👇🏽) INSTAGRAM: @Dehustla225 FACEBOOK: @DeshannonJohnson

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