He’s Not Just Blowing Up Worldwide All Throughout The Music Industry, He’s Also Serving And Protecting Our Country!

November 6, 2023

My name is Johnny Ali. I am an Artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I make the type of music that's versatile. do not limit myselt to one lane of emotion and style which is reflected in my craft. You can't put me in one category based on one song because the next wont sound the same. Growing up I watched my brother perfect his craft. He was in a rap group with all of his homies called "Joined by Money". I saw them performing rhyming, vibing to beats and I soaked up everything. When I was ten years old wanted to perform mv own sond at mv birthdav bartv. started writina and never stopped. wanted to be just like my brother and his triends: wanted to be better. the best. If my brother said someone's music was valid I was rocking with it toc For this reason, I started listening to artists like J. Cole, Meek Mill, anc Boosie. When branched into mv own understanding of music and emotions reallv started feeling the sounds in the likes of YEN LUcci. would sav sounds like this influenced me to steer towards more sinding than rabbina. r've hac minimal help on my journey to success. Of course I have my engineer (Hirosh Oichang Ovama) and have made music with mv guvs (Xaexani. YNT K Lane. and YG Slim(RIP)). I've done so much to make my loved ones proud to include performing across Japan for multiple events. At the end of the day, I am only at the beginning of my journey still have so far to grow on the business side of the music industry. from promotina to lust the ends and outs. have so much music to but into the world and I don't want my lack of knowledge in the svstem to stop it fron spreading across the world. Just as I have put in effort to my other businesses such as my barber brand, Iplan on putting in just as much effort anc expanding myself as an artist.

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