He’s Blowing Up Worldwide All Throughout The Music Industry!

November 9, 2023

I'm Tevon Morgan, my stage name is $hy D and I'm from Mississippi, born and raised. I started rapping when I was 10 years old around the time when Bow Wow and Romeo was first coming out, I was write raps with my cousin in an apartment complex in Walnut Grove and recording raps on small tape recorders and from there, rap music became a big part of my life. I been doing music for over 9 years now but before that, I had only gotten in the studio twice in my life; first time was with a partner that I went to high school with, second time was with my one of my older cousins back when they had a rap group but those weren't on consistent basis but I always kept writing. I developed many styles of rap over the years but if I had to compare my style, it would be a little bit of Don Trip mixed with Montana Of 300, mostly everything that I've learned, I learned it on my own. As far as the name Hustle Now Stunt Later Entertainment goes, the name came when I use to draw pictures and one of my pictures was named Laugh Now Cry Later and I changed it to Hustle Now Stunt Later and I been rocking that concept since then.

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