Breaking News… Lane Kiffin Set to Become the Aggie’s Next Head Coach in Historical Deal

November 24, 2023

Sources close to the Aggie’s AD Ross Bjork are reporting that the program has already concluded its coaching search, and they have settled on a new head coach in a record breaking deal. In a shocking twist, Bjork has quietly been working behind the scenes to negotiate a landmark deal between Rebel’s head coach Lane Kiffin and the school that will see Kiffin heading to Aggie land. Bjork has been quoted as saying, “I only had one guy on my list, and I got him.” Sources in College Station are reporting the deal will be worth 160 million dollars over 5 years. This breaks down to an annual salary of 32 million dollars a year! The deal will be officially announced Monday, November 27th, after Thanksgiving week. Reportedly, Kiffin is eager to make an exit from Ole Miss after the embarrassing loss to Georgia that occurred earlier this month. Sources close to Kiffin have reported that he has been looking to jump ship for an elite program, so he can compete with the likes of Alabama and Georgia. Details are still emerging, and we will keep you posted.

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