He’s Got Plans, And This Is Where He’s Taking Them!

January 26, 2024

My upcoming EP “Realization” is going to be my first project as an artist. It tells a story from a upcoming artist perspective battling through the hardships of life, finding his way through the music industry, going through a relationship rollercoaster and finding himself internally. It’s going to be produced, written and recorded by me. I started working on this EP in late August of 2023 and each song tells a different story so the audience can visualize as they are listening to it from start to finish. Throughout this process I was trying new sounds, exploring new things and be as diverse as possible. I wouldn’t tie this EP with just one genre because each song has a different vibe or feel to it, like a buffet it’s a mixture of everything but mainly Rap, R&B and Indie Alternative. I feel as if this is going to expose me to a bigger audience & open a lot more doors for opportunities in the future for my music career. I can’t wait to show the world what I’ve been working on and I hope everyone that listens enjoys it just as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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