Getting to know Cailo!

February 6, 2024

1.) What made you pursue your music career? From a young age I just loved music. I grew up singing in my church choir and writing little songs here and there. It was honestly a natural progression for me. 2.) Who are your top five favorite music artists of all time? Whitney Houston, The Temptations, Daft Punk, Tupac, Coldplay 3.) What is the main reason for those top five artists? When it comes to Whitney her voice was just amazing I grew up listening to the Temptations with my grandmother and developed a love for old school music Daft punk was my first look into EDM and I fell in love with it. They're so creative. Tupac made me love rap. His storytelling and honesty really made me appreciate what he was doing I loved Coldplay's writing style and lyricism. I also loved the piano chords in their songs, just beautiful 4.) Wonderful answers! OK next question, where do you see yourself five years from now with your music career? In five years, I feel like my career will be unrecognizable. I see myself producing and writing for other big artists as well as traveling the world DJ'ing. I see myself venturing out in regards to other business opportunities as well. 5.) What are your thoughts about autotune? I say use whatever works for you. The great thing about music is that it's subjective. Some people may not like it, but if it works for you go ahead and use it

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