Getting To Know More About One Of The Hottest Upcoming Music Artists!

February 9, 2024

1.) Where do you see yourself five years from now with your music career? In 5 years i see myself making a good breaking ground within the industry and to create ample opportunities for me to collaborate with future artists, producers & song writers. I want to make music that people can relate to and overall puts you in a good mood 2.) Who are your top five favorite music artists of all time? 1. Pharrell Williams 2. Tyler the Creator 3. Steve Lacy 4. Kanye West 5. Jordan Ward (as of right now) 3.) Why do you choose those artists? They've all made a musical impact on me in some way with how i produce and the sound that inspired me. I have always loved the dreamy chora progressions with a melodic tone to it. Also with those artists, they're very versatile and can't be put into a box or one category, just like with the way my music is. 4.) What are your thoughts about auto tune? I don't mind auto tune as long as it's used correctly and not too saturated to where you can hear the obvious robot voice. Me personally i use slight auto tune but only to an extent but o've been finding my singing voice and range in the last year and a half. 5.) If you could collaborate with three artists, who would they be? 1. Tyler the Creator 2. Hit Boy 3. Brent Faiyaz

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