He’s Blowing Up Worldwide All Throughout The Music Industry!

February 12, 2024

My name is prince Reid, I was born in Greensboro NC with 6 sisters and 2 brothers. I excelled in sports 6th-12th grade in wrestling football and track. At 17 I began life's journey taking care of my self attended a year of college until I realized it wasn't for me. Joined the army where I achieved greatness had a daughter and from there my love for music began. After leaving the military I registered sin city as my artist name, I've always been an artist you can't really figure out a genre for if anything more so pop/rock. I began recording with an up and coming studio and record label hit factory 336 where I became the first artist on the label didn't really finish what I started there but till this day the name is now Carolina records and there on fire I'm still close like family. My first big performance was in front of frank Lucas in Atlanta the show went good and from there the love of performing and recording music became a reality and my life)

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