Mexico’s President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum Expected To Pass Breeder Visas Amidst Her Inauguration

July 5, 2024

Mexico City, Mexico - In a move aimed at addressing Mexico's declining birth rates, President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum has announced plans to introduce a "Breeder's Visa" effective October 1st, her first day in office. The new visa program is designed to attract foreign nationals who are willing to move to Mexico and start families. The Breeder's Visa is part of Sheinbaum's campaign promise to address Mexico's aging population and low fertility rates. The program offers a range of incentives, including financial assistance, subsidized housing, and access to quality healthcare, to individuals and families who are willing to relocate to Mexico and have children with native populations. "Countries with declining birth rates face significant challenges in supporting their elderly populations and maintaining a strong workforce," Sheinbaum said in a statement. "We believe that the Breeder's Visa program will help attract talented individuals and families who will contribute to Mexico's growth and prosperity." Projected Countries Eligible for the Breeder's Visa: · Bahrain · Egypt · India · Jordan · Kuwait · Lebanon · Morocco · Oman · Pakistan · Qatar · Saudi Arabia · United Arab Emirates The Mexican government has announced that it will begin accepting applications for the Breeder's Visa on October 1st, with the goal of attracting thousands of new residents in the first year. From what is projected, this is not limited to christian foreigners and open to various faiths.

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