Rev. Jason Phillips To marry Ellian Bass

July 8, 2024

Rev. Jason B. Phillips and Miss Ellian Bass Celebrate Unforgettable Wedding in The Gambia In a heartwarming celebration of love and unity, Rev. Jason B. Phillips, 41, an accomplished American Hospital Executive & HR Professional, and Miss Ellian Bass, 18, a talented student and experienced braider and hair designer, exchanged vows in The Gambia on July 6, 2022. The ceremony was attended by numerous family and friends who gathered to witness the joyous union of this seemingly unlikely pair. The couple's unique love story began while Rev. Phillips was on vacation with Miss Bass' elder brother, Borry. Despite their differences in age and background, their connection blossomed into a beautiful romance that culminated in a picturesque wedding ceremony. The festivities took place at the stunning four-star Tamala Beach Resort in Kotu, The Gambia, where the couple also enjoyed a blissful honeymoon. The pre-wedding ceremony showcased Miss Bass in a striking form-fitted blue gown, specially purchased by Rev. Phillips to complement his African Traditional Grooms attire in the same shade and matching that of his best man, Mr. Borry Bass. On the day of the formal ceremony, Miss Bass looked radiant in a traditional white wedding gown. The couple exchanged ceremonial rings of 14k white gold adorned with several blue sapphire stones and 1.5k diamond accents. The blue sapphire, the groom's birthstone, added a personal and meaningful touch to their commitment. Miss Bass completed her bridal look with an elegant updo, adorned with a dazzling diamond and white gold tiara, reflecting the day's regal atmosphere. In honor of Miss Bass' family and heritage, Rev. Phillips will take on Miss Bass' last name, becoming Rev. Jason Phillips Bass. Miss Bass will create a middle name, Jean-Bass, incorporating Phillips as her last name, with Jean being the groom's mother's middle name. The couple will be known as Rev. Jason Phillips Bass and Mrs. Ellian Jean-Bass Phillips. Mr. Phillips Bass returned to his native United States on July 14th to await the official arrival of his wife. They will reside in the beautiful Dublin, Ohio, community. After the ceremony, guests were invited to the Bass Estate in Gunjur for refreshments, where they celebrated the newlyweds' happiness and mingled with friends and family, where the esteemed Ms. Mandally Bass, the matriarch of the Bass Family, introduced the newly weds and welcome Rev. Phillips Bass to the community. The wedding of Rev. Jason B. Phillips and Miss Ellian Bass was not just a union of two people but a celebration of love that transcends age and background, leaving a lasting impression on all who were fortunate to attend.

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