February 12, 2021

Hardly a week after miraculously turning a portfolio of $750 into over $100,000 in just three days, John Batson, 16, has become the youngest person in NYSE history to have a portfolio worth over $1 MILLION before the age of 18. “It’s a simple concept, really. A little averaging down here, a little short selling there, and now I’ve got a million dollars.” John, a TN native, claims that he used the rapid volatility of the stock market this past month to his advantage. “A little tip of advice for ya’ll: don’t be scared of a bear market. They can be very enriching,” the prodigy claims, “I want to be an example for those who are intimidated by the hedge funds of Walk Street. I worked a minimum-wage job as a lifeguard at my local pool and turned the money I saved from that into $1 million.” According to Catherine Joel, Batson has set a new record for the youngest individual

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