Walk Away Your Worries With Woodland Walks

April 26, 2021

Walk Away Your Worries With Woodland Walks April 26, 2021 Author: Tracey Jackson When the pressure becomes to much it is time to escape, stop and go for a walk even if you don’t feel like going out. Head for the woods, once you’ve been walking for five to ten minutes your energy will pick up and you will start to enjoy it. Important, ensure you are wearing comfortable clothes and footwear, so that you will enjoy your walk. Once you get to the woods stop and take time to look around. Breath the fresh air, being around the trees increases oxygen uptake which is great for anxiety and stress relief. Being outside in the daylight is an excellent way to boost vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is great for low moods, increasing calcium absorption supporting bone health, Vitamin D also helps to support the immune system. More reasons to be outside. Embracing the sensory experience, the smell of the woodland. The sounds of the woodland the birds, bees and many other wonderful creatures including squirrels. Watching nature can bring joy and laughter, the antics of a squirrel for example playing in the trees. The many different bird calls especially at dawn and dusk. The variety colours offer a visually stimulating experience, which can help to promote relaxation. Take time to look at flowers and the trees, if you encounter plants your not familiar with research them. Enjoy learning about nature, it will give you something different to focus on. Switch off from the norm and discover what nature has to offer. Embrace nature.

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