Suspicion Raises As Tyler Mink Wins Another Set

April 29, 2021

Tyler Mink defeated Trenton Washam yet again this past week in another nail biter of a set. However, some are beginning to question the legitimacy of Tyler’s wins. Time and time again, Tyler has mysteriously ‘timed out’ during a fight that he is losing. Causing the two to have to restart the fight from the beginning. Once the fight restarts, Trenton almost always loses. According to our source in Atlanta, Tyler has access to a scrapped ‘lag switch’ device from the developers of the game. Using this device Tyler can either cause Trenton to lag, or cause the match to end if it isn’t to his liking. It’s clear to most that Trenton is the better Xenoverse player. Just last month he was featured in Game-informers, “most influential gamer” article and won Gamespot’s very own “Victory by largest margin” award. It wouldn’t make sense if Trenton suddenly just started to lose every set, and with Tyler winning back to back finals many are beginning to wonder... is Tyler legit, or is he con? Our very own insider, Matt Birdwell intercepted a call between Tyler and his wife, Hope Mink three finals ago the last time Tyler lost. “IM F***ING DONE HOPE! Tyler Mink will not lose again! I don’t care what I have to do, Mark my words I’ll never lose a final again.” This was all Matt heard before Hope asked if someone else was “breathing” on the line - Matt hung up shortly after. Tyler Mink clearly is a man who will stop at nothing to win, and unfortunately for him - many are beginning to notice. This past week #dumptyler trended #1 on Twitter for several hours. Many were expressing their distaste for Tyler. One user wrote, “I stopped watching after the fight between buu and pikkon apparently ‘timed out.’ I don’t know how the higher ups keep letting him get away with this, but Trenton deserves better. #dumptyler.” Another user wrote, “Trenton was SLAMMING Tyler that whole set, then suddenly it times out and Trenton can’t win another fight? Something is fishy. #dumptyler.” Another user wrote, “Anyone else see that fight that ‘timed out?’ Yeah, sure, I’ve seen better acting from my girlfriend when she told me not to worry about Chad.” Another user wrote, “You’re telling me Trenton was on a 10 WIN STREAK and suddenly he loses almost every fight? Get this Tyler guy outta here! #dumptyler.” #dumptyler is now the second most tweeted hashtag ever, right behind #endgame. This Friday Trenton and Tyler will have another set that will give us another insight as to how this final will work out. With more eyes watching now than ever before, what will Tyler do? Be sure to check out our special live stream post show right here on after the fight!

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