Moutinho believes Wolves European dream not over

May 2, 2021

Joao Moutinho has said in his latest interview that he and his team are committed to making a European spot this season in his latest interview with Sky Sports News he said “ we have had a mixed start to this season I’m not new to this club I know this team I played here as captain and I believe I have the full backing from my players we have time we have confidence we have ability to keep pushing we won’t give up easily” he also said when asked if he is happy with the impact he’s made since joining as Head Coach he said this “ I always knew id have a warm reception here to begin with i spent enough time so I have that initial connection that some maybe wouldn’t in my position but that doesn’t give me a free pass, we’ve tried a few things and I’m finding my feet in terms of the best approach for us and I believe we’ve made a good start here we have a lot more points to play for and we must fight for every last point and find a route into Europe because that is the ambition here and we will achieve it in the near future i believe, we have a cup final to play, I believe I’ve made a strong impact I’m happy”

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